今年日本企業では東京エレクトロン様がALEの方でCommittee メンバーですね。昨年の日本勢メンバーゼロ(0)からは進展しました:)

Atomic Layer Deposition Applications
AA1: Energy: Catalysis and Fuel Cells
AA2: Energy: Solar Energy Materials
AA3: Energy: Batteries and Energy Storage
AA4: Applications in ULSI FEOL: High-k
AA5: Applications in ULSI FEOL: Gate Electrodes & Contact Metals
AA6: Applications in ULSI FEOL: 3D Transistor Fabrication
AA7: Applications in ULSI BEOL: Interconnects, Diffusion Barriers, Low-k
AA8: Memory Applications: DRAM
AA9: Memory Applications: Flash Memory
AA10: Memory Applications: RRAM & Neuromorphic, MIM Capacitors
AA11: Memory Applications: Other Non-Volatile Memories (MRAM, FeRAM, Phase Change, …)
AA12: Emerging: Optics/Optoelectronics/Metamaterials/Plasmonics
AA13: Emerging: Medical/Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals
AA14: Emerging: Protective Coatings and Encapsulation
AA15: Emerging: Other (Displays, MEMS, Flexible, Wearable…)
AA16: ALD Applications Poster Session
Atomic Layer Deposition Fundamentals
AF1: Precursors and Chemistry: Precursor Design, New Precursors, Process Development
AF2: Precursors and Chemistry: Simulation, Modeling, and Theory of ALD
AF3: Precursors and Chemistry: Mechanisms
AF4: Growth and Characterization: Surface Science of ALD
AF5: Growth and Characterization: High Aspect Ratio/High Surface Area/Powder ALD
AF6: Growth and Characterization: Plasma Enhanced ALD
AF7: Growth and Characterization: Low temperature ALD
AF8: Growth and Characterization: In-situ Monitoring and Analysis
AF9: Growth and Characterization: Characterization of ALD Films
AF10: ALD Fundamentals Poster Session
Atomic Layer Deposition for Manufacturing

AM1: Equipment Design/Modeling/Large Format/Precursor Delivery
AM2: Spatial/R2R/Fast ALD
AM3: Sensing/Characterization/Process Control for High Volume
AM4: ALD for Manufacturing Poster Session

Area Selective Atomic Layer Deposition

AS1: Selective ALD by Area-Activation
AS2: Selective ALD by Area-Deactivation
AS3: Inherently Selective Processes
AS4: Area Selective ALD Poster Session
Emerging Materials
EM1: Molecular Layer Deposition
EM2: Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials
EM3: Atomic Layer Epitaxy and Doping
EM4: Magnetic Materials
EM5: Si-based Materials
EM6: Metals
EM7: III-V Materials
EM8: Nanolaminates
EM9: Ternary and Quaternary Materials
EM10: Metal Organic Frameworks
EM11: Emerging Materials Poster Session
Nanostructure Synthesis and Fabrication
NS1: Nanoparticles
NS2: Nanotubes, Nanowires, Nanopores
NS3: 2D Nanomaterials (including Transition Metal Dichalcogenides)
NS4: Nanostructures Synthesis and Fabrication Poster Session
Atomic Layer Etching Workshop
ALE1: Plasma and/or Energy-enhanced ALE
ALE2: Gas-phase and/or Thermal ALE
ALE3: Solution-based including Wet ALE
ALE4: Selective ALE
ALE5: ALE Hardware, Diagnostics, & Instrumentation
ALE6: Modeling of ALE
ALE7: Atomic layer Cleaning (ALC)
ALE8: Integration of ALD + ALE
ALE9: Applications for ALE
ALE10: Atomic Layer Etching Poster Session